Bloody Mary Grilled Chicken

Bloody Mary Grilled Chicken
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Eating Out

I'm gonna start critiquing places we go out to eat cause we go out to eat quite a bit and I always have something to say about our experience. My 1st blog of Eating Out is about the neighborhood eatery  "Amore Taste Of Chicago". 3945 S. Durango ( Lynn (my wife) heard about this restaurant from a client of hers so we went. Nice little place w/ sports poster pics of everybody from the Cubs to the Blackhawks on the wall w/ some ole time pics of musicians like Dean Martin. Greeting was pleasant and we were seated promptly. Nothing fancy. There's a table right at the entrance and I passed the door up cause some big guy was sitting at that table and the door looked blocked. Don't seat big people at the table by the entrance. Fools ya. The smell of the kitchen was awesome. Close your eyes and you feel like you're in a neighborhood pizzeria in Chi town. We had a young waitress but there was an older one there that in my opinion ran circles around the young one. We placed our order ( Lynn ordered the Chicken Visuvio and I ordered a thin crust w/ sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach and garlic).

well other people came in and were seated. They ordered, got there salad and their Deep Dish pizza and we were still eating our bread and buttah waiting for our salad and the minestrone soup. Lynn asked the waitress if we were gonna get our salad and soup and she ran back to the kitchen and brought her salad and apologized. She told us that they had to chop up more salad. I asked her if they were chopping up my minestrone soup as well. She ran back to the kitchen to grab my soup.

The salad was good. Just a plain ole salad w/ ranch dressing. The minestrone tasted like it came out of the can. The Pizza was great. Nice and crispy thin crust. Lynn's chicken visuvio was good but the breast was a little dry but the sauce and the potatoes were excellent.

All in all it was a good experience except for the service. So if you go there make sure you get the older waitress cause she knows what she's doing. Oh and by the way, they do have an awesome view of the strip.

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